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I started this project on the premise of making a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy blog for an American Studies class. I know it doesn't really make sense but it did in my proposal.
When I started talking to fellow students (most of whom are 15 years younger), I discovered that most of them have not read the book, and have seen the movie. Most of them thought the movie sucked. Well, It got me pondering over the state of culture, literature and film. What I decided is; if American culture (responsible for Hollywood) was more open to reading, more receptive to reading things from other cultures, and more responsive to international film, not only would less crap come out of Hollywood, but less good stuff would be turned into cultural diarrhea. And thus I present to you the answer without knowing the question..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

From Sharks and Bears

On why paper books are better than Kindle:
I will never need to replace my book's batteries.
* If I get my book wet, it will not ruin my other books.
* If I drop my book, I can pick it up and still read it.
* If my book breaks, I don't need a degree to fix my book, nor call an 800 number. A little tape/or glue will fix most damage to my book.
* I do not need a 100+ page manual to learn how to read my book.
* I can forget my book in my car in the summer and winter.
* I can hand my book down from generation to generation without having to worry about the new books being backward compatible.
* You can wrap/unwrap a book as a present.

Now I understand that there are many advantages when it comes to all of the new e-books. I'm considering a Kindle myself. While the e-books are a great piece of technology, I do not see them replacing normal, printed books anytime in the near future. Will the era of printed books end? Probably. I honestly can't say whether I will see that day in my lifetime."

I couldn't agree more Brother. Original text here

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